To adjust the water level in the toilet cistern, lower or raise the float, which is in it.Or pull out the plastic float attached to a ribbed part of a special recess.Place it on the height level, which is required - below or above.As a result, you can be rest assured that entering the tank no water overflows.
To adjust the amount of water that will be consumed during flushing, set the same ribbed plastic piece either below or above.Look at what volume of water would be enough to drain sewage carried out normally.
look - whether the water comes from a tank into the toilet without pressing the button, is responsible for draining.In this case, it will be a great loss of
water, which during a counter effect on the purse.Even if the toilet is located in the countryside, the owners often have to pump water from the septic tank.And the reason is that if klapane.V valve toilet tank, which regulates the level of water in it, is bad, first remove it.Then unscrew the attachment that holds the tube on top of the water entering the tank .Above is laying tube, which puts pressure valve.When the degree of filling the tank with water to increase, check for debris under the gasket.The normal operation of the valve in the cistern can prevent even a piece of rusty pipe.Therefore, all the garbage painstakingly and carefully remove.Now, the valve does not pomeshaet.Kogda the next time you find that the drain flows tank , try to remember these tips.Then follow all the recommended procedures here.And then call the plumbing certainly do not have to.In our time, to be a master of all trades is very beneficial and economically.