First you need to determine where to install the staircase and its design.It is advisable not to economize on space, which will take the ladder.To do this at the stage of building a house will need to provide some corridor, where he will be mounted ladder.
By design, they differ on the straight;fan;screw;having a railing with two or with one hand.As a material for the frame ladder can be used metal profiles (angle, channel) or wood.
Spiral staircases look more interesting than straight, take up less space.However, in terms of security, direct staircase reliable and easier when using their elderly family members and young children.In the manufacture of stair
unilateral railing is intended that it will mount alo
ng the wall, which will be reliable fence on the other.It is important for its safe operation.The easiest and most appropriate option - is the construction of the ladder with two straight marches and the landing between them.This design will allow you to reduce the steepness of the stairs, ieIt will make it more comfortable.
Start with the installation of the landing.The frame assemble of timber 100x100 and secure it to the wall, along which lay down flight of stairs to the wall and, located between them.
the corners of the platform set made of timber 100x100 mm rack.They lean on the frame fixed to the floor under the ground, made of exactly the same size of timber 100x100.Additionally put two legs in the middle frame in areas bearing on his stringer boards (kosoura) ladder.The finished pad sew top board 50h150mm harvested in advance.
pre-calculated over the length of the string Abut one end of the pitch, the second on the floor and fix the wall.Another string as Abut the site over the counter and on the floor, fasten the width of the stairway.
on the string attached to the wall make the layout locations stages.The calculation must take into account that the step height should not exceed 20cm and a width of at least 30cm.Transfer the marks on the opposite bow.Under
lines marking secure 50h50mm bars - places bearing stair steps.On top of them lay the boards and nail them with nails.Then, in the same sequence do the installation the second flight of stairs.
space between the steps of the vertical board close.The elements of the string, opposite the wall, attach the anchors rack rails, and on them - themselves a railing.
Hem to the second flight and landing below the sheets of plywood or fiberboard.The outer side of the first flight of stairs obsheyte clapboard.Then make it a little door - get a small closet.