you need
  • - line filter;
  • - filter for water purification;
  • - pumping station
Installation of automatic machines is necessary to connect the hose to drain.This can be done directly through the door into the street, into the sump or the nearest ditch.The easiest way to water supply in the absence of running water - is to fill in manually.Clippers do not care how it gets into the water: connection through staff or through the tray washing powder.The main thing that it came on time and in the right amount.So you can use a soft rain water, which is very good at laundry.But the disadvantages of this option have quite a lot.You always have to be on duty around it in time to pour water, and the w
ater will have to bring a lot.
If the site is a source of water suitable for washing, it can be a kind of aqueduct .To do this, buy a pumping station, which will create pressure for the water supply.In this way, it is recommended to install a filter.Less of this option is that the pumping station and the water filter are not cheap.
There is another option.It is necessary to place the machine above a container of water, then the water in the tank will press on, and to create pressure in the hose.But it is not always enough for normal operation.In this case, much depends on the machine model.
Alternatively, you can consider buying a car an old rotary sample.She did not have any pressure in the system.The downside is that the quality of the wash is worse than in automatic machines.
Before putting the machine currently in the country or in the village, where there is no running water , all weigh.Decide which model fits best, pay attention to the quality of water that you are going to use for washing.If it is hard, use softeners, or heating spirals washing machine may be damaged.