you need
  • - radiator key;
  • - pipe wrench number 2;
  • - seals or old camera from the car;
  • - oil paint "enamel" or "Nitro", oakum, sealing FPM;
  • - a set of fittings and valves futorok Majewski.
If you need to assemble the radiator new generation of aluminum or bimetal, take one section and screw it all the way to the ends of the special internal threaded connection.Take special rubber gasket and lay it on the connection section.
second section firmly against the first end through the pad.With radiator key pull the sections together.
Take valve Majewski and wind on his thread sealing tape.Using key №2 gas valve to tighten the upper end of the radiator.In the same way, set Fittings - Fittings and end cap for connection of valves.All subsequent sections are connecte
d on the same principle.
Fill the radiator with water from the hose and put it in a dry place to dry the paper.If, within two hours of the radiator does not show signs of leaking joints in the form of wet spots, then you assemble it correctly.
To assemble a cast iron radiator, take a section of cast iron and the stop screw in it a threaded connection.
Take the camera from the car wheels and cutting it along.Spread the threaded connection for radiators with chalk on the end and attach to the rubber so that it left a mark for cutting gaskets.Cut the rubber on the track, then back to 2 cm and remove the middle.You should have a ring of rubber.
Promazhte end of the threaded section of the paint and attach the gasket.Apply a coat of paint on the gasket and push it onto the second section.Pull the section between a threaded connection.To do this, use a radiator key.All subsequent sections are connected on the same principle.
Fittings wound on end during the threading tow and cover them with paint.Take a pipe wrench №2 and make installation futorok into the ends of the radiator.
Fill the radiator with water from the hose.It is better to use hot water or much hot water.If you do not find a leak, then the heat sink is assembled correctly.