first step is to choose a suitable place to build.It should be a piece of land, well away from all buildings on the site, since smoking is associated with fire and the smokehouse is a certain threat to fire safety.In order to build a smokehouse enough area of ​​about four square meters, while it is better to make a rectangular, so that one side is several times longer than the other.

Channel chimney will need to be laid in the ground, and a place for it in advance it is necessary to mark the laying.Recommended dimensions of the chimney height of twenty-five centimeters, width of thirty-four centimeters, the length of two and a half or three meters.Smokehouse built of brick, but not every brick is suitable for this: sand-lime brick is not used in the construction of such structures, since strong heating it is destroyed (due

to dehydration).

At one end of the channel to be placed directly smoking chamber.For her area of ​​sufficient size to one square meter (at a ratio of one meter on).At the height of the camera should be about one and a half meters, it can be a little less.Smoking chamber can be independently built of brick, and for this purpose take an iron barrel without a bottom, steel box, etc.

At the other end of the channel will be in the furnace chimney.The camera should be positioned above the furnace, so you should have a smokehouse on the side, or specifically to deepen the channel in the direction of the furnace.Once you have dug the channel chimney, put its bottom brick.Masonry cement used is not desirable, since it does not tolerate high temperatures better to use clay.Then the brick wall laid out channel: they must consist of two rows of masonry, bricks placed on edge on the sides lined the base of the channel.Then, the top of the channel is blocked.This can be done in various ways - the metal sheet or brick.If you choose a metal sheet, make sure that the thickness of not less than 4 millimeters.

channel chimney must be in the smoking chamber to a depth of twenty to thirty centimeters.Perimeter channel connection and the camera have to sprinkle a layer of earth not less than fifteen centimeters.At the top of the smoking chamber arranged rods or tubes for hanging products that you smoke.The lid smoking chamber can be made both from metal and wood, but the damper on the furnace must be steel with a thickness of not less than three to four millimeters.Cover the smoking chamber should be snug, but have a small hole or slot for a weak outflow of smoke (it is necessary to maintain the process of decay of wood).

for smoked products are well used alder, birch, and to give a piquant flavor - add a branch of juniper.