To save yourself from unnecessary worries, you can order a ready hozblok in one of the specialized companies.It will bring in parts, and then assemble in front of you and in the place where you want.And no more than one day you will have a ready barn for cattle and sheep.However, the cost of the building is impressive, so is work hard and build a barn yourself well while saving.
The first thing that must be done before the construction of the shed - to outline the boundaries of the area of ​​construction.After this, you need to specify the boundaries of the ditch to dig half a meter deep and begin to lay the foundation.The best option for the foundation of the barn is a mixture of stones an
d broken bricks with cement mortar.Fill with the mixture pit, let it settle.If the solution is dipped, add fresh, and then align the foundation so that it is flush with the ground.
So how do you plan to build a barn for living creatures, it should insulate as much as possible.You do not want your cattle peremerz winter.Arrange for warming shed double row of walls, filling insulation (foam or glass wool) space between them.The warmest options: a cinder block, brick, glass wool or wool-brick-brick.
To install the roof on top of the walls Mount the wooden joists.Attach them inside the board.Foam or glass lay on top of the log, cover them with boards.The easiest option covering the roof of the barn - a slate roof with a slope.Fix for its production from opposite sides of the barn boards.To get the desired slope, it is necessary on one hand to take a larger diameter board.Already these boards can be mounted slate.
floors can be filled with a foundation base.Option economical and functional - lay floors pallet and cover them with straw or lay linoleum.This construction of the barn for cattle can be considered complete.