you need
  • - washing machine;
  • - level;
  • - assistant.
Ideally, the floor under the washing machine has to be concrete.On the wooden floor machine will vibrate strongly during the spin cycle and quickly fail.If a wood floor you have concrete, remove the board and fill the place in the washing machine to the level of the concrete floor.
Washing machine is equipped with four adjustable feet, which is essentially a screw connection with a support of rubber or plastic.Twisting clockwise support - you reduce the height of the foot, counterclockwise - lengthen it.It is not necessary to turn out the legs once the entire length, adjust their level of .Then the volume of noise at work will decrease, and the life of the machine will increase.
You perfectly leveled floo
r under the washing machine?Remarkably, it is much easier to install machines.Just tighten all legs as short as possible and put machine on a level floor.
Sex is not perfect?Use level.Put it in the washing machine diagonally, so you will understand - which side to adjust the leg.After alignment, place the level on the other diagonal.Twisting the legs, you will ensure a smooth and stable position of your car.
Washing machine - something heavy.Call Assistant while it will keep the car inclined, you adjust the height of the legs.Work alone only when a large area of ​​the room and have free access to the car from all sides.