you need
  • - sand;
  • - cement;
  • - gravel;
  • - reinforcing mesh;
  • - foam;
  • - plastic sewer pipes;
  • - barrel;
  • - Edged board;
  • - antiseptic;
  • - soft tile;
  • - steam;
  • - drywall;
  • - putty;
  • - elektroboyler;
  • - electrical cable.
Dig a foundation pit for 4x4 m and depth of 30 cm. Then make podsypku gravel about 20 cm thick and tamp thoroughly.Make form panels of plywood 6 mm thick and wooden bars 40x40 mm.Fill strip foundation height of 0.5 m and a thickness of 0.3 m. Before pouring the concrete, formwork, moisten with water from a spray.For foundation require 1.5 or more cubic meters.meters of concrete.His prepare and fill in one day.Concrete knead in proportion: two buckets of gravel, one bucket of sand, five liters of cement.
Pour a bit of water, concrete is placed around the circle layers.Remove formwork in two days.If you find the void will not affect the foundation of the fortress, they seal the solution.
Mount sewers of plastic pipe with a diameter of 50 mm, taking into account the height of the floor.Is drained out of the shower will only bury it in the barrel.After laying drain pipes, pour the sand layers.Pour while it periodically water, carefully ramming.Then put the foam for insulation, reinforcing mesh and pour the concrete floor.
Make frame house.To do this on the third day after pouring the floor Fix the bottom plate to the foundation.Use a stud reinforcement of 20 cm in length. Drill a hole directly through a harness and drive the pin into the concrete with a sledgehammer.After that set the walls on frame technology.To do this, use edged boards 50x100 mm.Without tying the length of racks was 2.4 m. Then lay a beam, build a truss system, roof obsheyte edged boards, nail head-boards, then drip and cover with a soft roof tiles.
mounted on the wall of plasterboard windscreen.Nail the crate for the ventilation gap.Obsheyte structure edged boards 22h100 mm.Before installing all the wooden parts treat with antiseptic.Insert windows, nail trim and fit the door.Dimensions doorframes 900h2100 mm.
Fix the gutters along the perimeter of the roof to drain water.They attach to the lower frontal board.Take a drain depth of 40 cm of stone and sand and bury a barrel of 110 liters in the street and move it to the drain pipe of the shower.The walls and bottom of the barrel, drill a plurality of holes 10 mm drill.
Insulate the ceiling, fix the vapor barrier on the walls, nail crate on the walls and ceiling.Make ventilated attic and roof completely.Obsheyte plasterboard walls and make partitions, which also obsheyte drywall.Zashtukaturte all seams and cover the walls with latex waterproofing for indoor use.Then stick the tiles on the wall from the second row.Thereafter treat floor waterproofing and cover it with tiles.
Obsheyte ceiling paneling in toilet e and locker room.The latter made a roomy box-seat for small things.Set in a small house on the cabinet 16A held in a house underground electrical cable and water.Heated water in the shower accomplished by elektroboyler.Purchase a compost toilet , if there is no space to install a septic tank.In this case, no need to build sewers.Ventilation shower and toilet and will take place through a window.Such toilet for the summer period.In the event of cold water is drained, and the system is preserved.