as finishing materials for lining the brick walls are used, such as wall paneling (wood, plastic), siding (plastic or metal), block-house, drywall (regular or enhanced moisture resistance), ceramic tile.The choice depends on whether the room in which is sheathed with a wall on the desired aesthetic effect and tseny.Nailuchshy result of "price-quality" can be obtained, if the outer wall decoration you prefer siding.For interior decoration kitchen and bathroom - plastic panels, and for other rooms - plaster.
Exterior finish saydingomUberite brick wall
s from the front all the details - frames, sills to the windows, finished panel - with the door.Perform installation of the frame, which will be attached siding.The frame is best made of galvanized iron.It will cost you more expensive than wood, but given the property to absorb moisture brick, galvanized last much longer.Using an electric drill to drill holes in the wall and place plastic wall plugs in them.Self-tapping screws, attach them to the crate.Step install (distance between holes) is defined by factory - siding.Mounting panels start from below, from the cap, pre-mounted on a wall starting profile.To him attach the first facing panel.This should be done with the help of the lock, and then screws to the frame.This sheet attachment points do not apply pressure to the sheathing, leaving a gap between the sheet and the screw head about 1 mm.In this way, leaf by leaf, mount the rail to the finish panel, which completes installation.To trim around doors and windows, use the J-shaped profile, which secure the perimeter, and only him - siding.
Finishing brick walls and plastic panels for fixing plasterboard panels, sheets of drywall in the room and use the crate, but from the wooden bars.The distance between the bars should be 40-60 cm. With the level align wall stripe on their wooden bars, size 25x40 mm.The expansion joints sheets of drywall, use the rail with a minimum width of 80 mm.The panels on the crate, start from the corner.Attach them with a stapler, nails or screws.The next panel is put into the groove already fixed.
sheets of drywall screws are attached to the crate.At the same time, observe a few rules: - The gap between the built-sheets should be at least 5 mm.The same gap between the sheets and leave the ceiling, angle, hollow.These gaps then close the filler.- Screws tighten so hat they had ducked just in relation to the surface of the sheet, the board itself must remain tselym.- After mounting head screws sheets cover varnish to further after stickers wallpaper, they do not appear rusty spots on the screws.