There are several options outer wall decoration wooden house as:
• siding sheathing;
• paneling block-house;
• lining a wooden board (clapboard);
• brick lining;
• cladding facade tiles.
determine which of these options is most suitable for you is not easy.Much will depend on how house fit into the general view of the house facing convent buildings, the surrounding landscape and what spending money you can not afford.
To give house have solidity, firmness, can be oblitsevat brick wall or lay them facade tiles.The complexity of such a finish is that it requires good training, ie,without the involvement of professional builders can not do that will significantly increase financial costs.
If you still chose the facing brick walls, decide first question: Will the foundatio
n for increasing the burden on him from the wall more even laid out in a half-brick.Tiling requires preliminary work - upholstery of the walls of the grid and the subsequent plaster.Another point to keep in mind if you decide to oblitsevat wall lined with brick or tile - is the age of the house well.The newly built house can finish these materials only after a certain time after its construction, asyou need to house given the natural shrinkage.
Almost perfect option - a trim a tree or under a tree, ie,clapboard siding, or block-house.At all times, the tree is different from other materials of natural beauty, the ability to beautify the appearance of any structure.Among other things, this work is quite possible to perform independently and get great satisfaction in contemplating his handiwork.However, termination of plating house but will need to protect the outer surface from moisture, ie,cover several layers of varnish or paint.In the future, these operations must be repeated every two to three years.
of modern materials are increasingly popular siding.Its main advantages:
• relatively inexpensive;
• wide range of colors;•
this material does not require additional care during operation.
works siding wall quite simple and available to anyone who has a desire to do something with their hands.
Pre-section of timber 50h30mm make frame for mounting the panels.The boards are arranged vertically, strictly according to the plumb line.Between the extremes bars pull the thread to align the intermediate boards.Bars mount frame in increments of 60-70cm.When using metal siding into the space between the wall and panel lay insulation and make waterproofing.When using PVC siding panels from the unit heater is desirable, but not necessary.In this case, between the panel and the wall house and formed the ventilation shafts.With the capping on the frame fasten saydingovye panel.