you need
  • Running Water Meters
  • Receipt of payment
  • ballpoint pen or pencil
Data on consumption of water consumed water meter is displayed on the scoreboard.They are of two types: digital drum mechanism and dial.When working with the first to look at the instrument panel, which has run a part of the flow is shown in the slot.This value and the need to write.And if you want to know how much was spent in the previous period, then simply subtract from the present (current) value of a previously recorded number, and get the result.
Cheating values ​​from the device of the second type (with dial).On the counter of the small dials arranged in a circle.There is a large arrow that points to the numbers on the outer edge of the counter - it shows tenths of a cubic meter (one share = 100 liters).On the other dials accountable tenths of cubic meters (cu. Meter = 1000 liters), tens of thousands.At the same time pay attention to the direction of the rotating arrows.
required numbers to transmit readings are right, they are separated by a comma and a different color.The numbers on the left represent the proportion of cubic meters, you will also need the ones that show the whole cubic meters, that is to the right (as they change water consumption).
There are so-called remote reading device.For this purpose, it is necessary to install an additional meter reed switch (small electromagnetic device), and the mechanical counter parts (roller cog or an arrow) - a small magnet.A magnet with a constant turnover of items, runs next to the reed switch, which at the time the external contact is closed low-voltage circuit.By counting the number of pulses (taking into account their weight), which generated a counter, you can get the volume of water.When the device is working properly, for a certain period of time (day, hour, week, month) the number of pulses will correspond to a built-in LED counter.