you need
  • - brick;
  • - mortar;
  • - sheet metal;
  • - asbestos-cement slab;
  • - a container under the solution;
  • - trowel;
  • - hammer.
stock of materials and tools necessary for putting some chimney.You will need bricks, mortar, sheet metal, to perform masonry trowel, container for mortar.Hands Protect gloves.
Discover device chimney.It consists of a riser, neck, smoke valves, tip, a metal cap.Brick pipe is laid with bricks, associated with cement mortar.For pipe insulation of wooden constructions using asbestos cement slab.
The device chimney
Perform masonry chimney is tight, without gaps.Otherwise, it may cause air leaks.This phenomenon will w
orsen traction in the oven, also increase the flow of gas, requires an increase in traction.In this regard, to identify and eliminate all leaks.
cross-section of the pipe make square or rectangular.The shape of the pipe has an impact on the level of hydraulic resistance in the chimney, and is one of the conditions for creating and maintaining the required thrust.Optimum will also be a round cross-sectional shape, but to create it with the masonry is quite difficult, you will need to perform a tube from a metal blank of the desired section.
In the manufacture of pipe, avoid sloping chimneys, as the turning point there is additional air resistance.If you can not do without bends, make them vertical.It is not recommended to do large-diameter pipe;such gases in the tube will cool down much faster, reducing heating efficiency.The cross section of the pipe, perform equal to 1/10 of the size of the flue openings.
can put the pipe wall thickness on the roof of a brick.Do not forget the end cap and ridge canopy over it.End cap is best done without the final cornice.The wind should blow it well, it will take more intensive gases.At the final stage of the mount on the end cap spark arrester in the form of a hollow dome roof.