you need
  • 1 package silicone sealant, soap, plastic spatula, alcohol or gasoline, dry cotton cloth (cloth), the solvent for silicone (if necessary)
Shut off the water valve
if crack toilet is in contact with water.Clean the seal.To degrease the surface before gluing, wipe it with a cloth dampened with gasoline or alcohol.Thoroughly dry the gap that will cover up.
Among silicone sealants select Cartridge sanitary silicone.It is suitable for sealing toilet , becauseIt has fungicidal properties and, consequently, is resistant to mold and mildew.Moreover, such sealants endures exposure to air, UV light and household detergents.Also adheres to ceramic and metal (this is important, if
the crack is located in the connection release toilets and sewage pipes) and saves elastichnost.Srezhte edge of the nozzle package to the width of the crack.
Push the movable bottom of a cylindrical container and squeeze to break a sufficient amount of silicone.Do not save, not to leave gaps in the screed.Extruded sealant should cover all future joint and act beyond it.
moisten plastic spatula.Smooth out the silicone they are well missed crack .Wash the spatula with warm soapy water before the sealant hardens.
finally smooth out the silicone.Wet it with soapy water and smooth soapy fingers.Strongly do not push.Or straighten the surface of a piece of wet silicone myla.Srazu after incorporation, the first 5-10 minutes, the sealant is easily molded.At this time, polish crack until smooth and quietly.
Surplus sealant clean cotton cloth, dry or moistened with petrol.If cured silicone, got out beyond the crack, it was too much, remove it with a special solvent.Wash hands with warm water and soap.If the silicone has dried, it is easy to remove from the skin.