you need
  • wrench, screwdriver, Allen key.
first understand, what kind of problem occurred with a kitchen faucet th.They can be divided into several varieties.Tap water is not completely overlap, opening the buzzing, tight turns and valve lever.
sure to note the fact that the single-lever mixers and dvuhventilnye classic crane s different cover water and therefore understand differently.The ball mixer applies a special molded ceramic cartridge.In ordinary - threaded connections are sealed with rubber gaskets.
Before dismantling tap in the kitchen, be sure to shut off the water to the kitchen faucet.Open the valve , drain the excess water and make sure the water does not flow into the pipe.
Access the mount by removing a screwdriver plug on
valves or lever.Use a screwdriver or Allen key, unscrew all the fastening screws, if there are several.Remove the valves or lever kitchen faucet well.
Grab a wrench through the dense tissue faucet valve journal box and tap or cartridge if lever faucet.Remove the device from the kitchen faucet well.The gasket between the wrench and the gut-wrenching detail must be used so as not to damage the chrome surface.
Consider crane dismantled.All the problems are, as a rule, already in removing.Keep in mind that in a spherical mixer the failed cartridge repair can not be.To the store to pick up the same, grab a cartridge as varieties of such a device is manufactured set.
Repair classic dvuhventilnye crane and sometimes even easier.Change only the rubber gasket connection axle box and the kitchen faucet and pre-stripping and washing the surface with which it comes into contact.