foundation for hen house and you can not build and do without this expensive facilities.To protect the birds from predators enough to raise a chicken coop high above the ground by putting strong pillars.Dig holes 4 or 6, depending on the size of the chicken coop a strong set high poles and cement them with a solution of cement, sand and gravel.
floor in the hen house ie set at a sufficient distance from the ground.
to a pole, attach cross member so as to obtain a solid frame.Obsheyte frame boards, or other available materials.
Make the ceiling and a small pent roof.The main thing that dripping is not exposed to rain, and the coop e was dry.
Do not forget to exhaust and forced ventilation.
About henhouse dike and paddock.It can be upholstered in mesh netting.
Set the ladder for your entrance to the henhouse and stuffed the board with cross members for the entry and exit of poultry.
for winter maintenance obtyanite henhouse layer vapor barrier material on all sides.Above him secure a thick layer of insulating material.
Inside the coop and install perches for the hens and crates for egg laying.
This method of construction allows you to save money.In the winter in the hen house e heat.Due to the high floor unit is protected from bird predators, even without a foundation.Cemented poles are durable and long time without repair.