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Disassemble watering for soul , simply unscrew the nozzle.The main way of fixing all the elements in a watering can for soul - are small bolts.Use a screwdriver suitable for their unscrewing.
untwist interconnecting the elements of watering for soul , disassemble it into its component parts.You may need to clean the nozzle with holes for water: there can be formed limescale that prevents good water leakage through the desired holes.
issues in order to dismantle watering , you may have only if it is of very poor quality.Therefore, when selecting such equipment give preference to more expensive models from the German and Italian producers rat
her than the Chinese low-quality goods.
If you wish to disassemble watering only for the purpose of cleaning of limescale, use a simpler method.The kettle pour half a teaspoon citric acid.When the water comes to a boil, lower to watering for soul , and all limescale quickly depart.
not attempt to disassemble watering for soul , if this model is not folding.Trying to do this, you run the risk of simply break down the product.Usually dismantle it for repair.So before you get started, read the attached instructions carefully and consider watering for soul , to understand its structure.
Please note that the main defect, which may arise, it is the flow of the watering.In this case, the water begins to spurt not from special openings, and of the joints and watering with a hose from the nozzle.Remove from watering soul , dry it well.Place the rubber gasket in the right place or the body watering can to pour liquid glue and wait until the product has dried.