Remove the topsoil in the basement, put instead of 15-20 cm of dry ground, tamp it thoroughly, moisten.Over
wetlands vtopite gravel or crushed stone to a depth of 4 cm.
top of gravel put two underlying layer (15-20 cm) from waste brick, stone, etc. Materials, leveling and compacting it,and pouring lime watering each layer.
Wait hardened base.
At the base set of brick columns in two bricks at a distance of 70-100 cm from each other.In each column, place a piece of tar paper or roofing material for waterproofing, laying on top of hardwood cuttings from the board (thickness 30 mm), impregnated with an antiseptic.
Over prepared pillars with wooden logs - logs with a diameter of 14-15 cm, sawn lengthwise.Align the lags in the level, if necessary obteshite them.Leave a gap of 7-8 cm between the joists and walls for their deposits.
of pure planed boards 40 mm thick floored and attach it to the joists with nails.Nails should be longer than the thickness of the flooring 2.5.Flooring should be laid perpendicular to the wall with a window.
carefully planed ready floors , zashpaklyuyte them and paint with oil paint.
When slab foundation sex logs laid on roofing felt or roofing felt, which are covered with a concrete slab foundation.Lags are fixed to concrete using a drill or punch.Next Flooring is made as well as when the tape foundation .
Many owners for Flooring used chipboard sheets.They are placed on or logs, or already roofed wooden floor.Plates made of particleboard line the floor and additionally insulated it, thus avoiding an additional filler.On top of chipboard can lay linoleum or laminate put.