Barbecue can be built with their own hands.In this case, you do not need to have special knowledge in the construction and Joiner is.The operation takes 8 to 10 days.You can even use old materials.
first carried out earthworks.It is necessary to calculate and make the layout boundaries of the site.For this purpose, it is best to use a string and pegs.You can then move on to digging ditches.The depth of it should be at least 25 centimeters.After that, the installation of foundations under the grill.The ditch is necessary to put the valve to the rod 2.Its diameter should be 10 mm.After that, the 15 centimeters ditch filled with concrete.It should be made based cementitious mixture of 350 kg per 1 m3 of the foundation.The walls of the ditches
are shuttering.Before you engage in setting the cap, it is necessary to wait for complete curing of the concrete.
Then you can move on to the device cap.At an improvised barbecue basement is divided into three sections.Two of these are necessary to preserve the wood, and the third - a locker.For the construction of the walls is best to use blocks.They must be laid directly to the foundation.The joints in the row must be slightly shifted to the side.We recommend checking masonry plumb and level.
horizontal base of the future focus should be poured from a liquid concrete.Welded mesh reinforcement will serve as a framework.All these parts must be secured in the base solution.At the bottom of the hearth, the sides need to make projections.They will be securing the edges of the shelves.Of course, you can lay out the bottom of the refractory bricks in three rows.The joints should not be shifted.
data wall of bricks needed to grate for cooking can be put in three different heights.It is also recommended to make two grooves.One should be positioned between the lower rows, and the second in the middle of the second row of bricks.The third row should be narrower than the first two.The grid will be placed on top of him.