you need
  • - knife;
  • - screwdriver.
Determine the type of mixer , handle which you have to remove.Removing the handle will depend on the type of device and its method of fixing.Today most commonly used in domestic single-lever mixers, but may occur and those having two pivoting arms on the respective valves.
Before dismantling mixer , turn off the water supply to the system by closing the valve on the pipe.It is important to observe the correct sequence: first open water, then close the valve on the pipe, and when no more water to go, close the faucet lever.Otherwise, the tubes may form an
unnecessary excess pressure.
Before removing the handle from the single-lever mixer , inspect it.In front, under the handle, you can see the cover (usually of two colors, red and blue).Using a knife or a screwdriver to remove the cover and set it aside.
In the hole has a screw.Put in its slot screwdriver and gently loosen counterclockwise.This decorative handle mixer available.Now, remove the handle (usually it is not difficult).After that, go to the dismantling of the mixer , if this is included in your plans.Setting the handle to its rightful place in reverse order.
If before you mixer equipped with two separate valves for hot and cold water, the technology disassembly of arms will be slightly different.For a start, disconnect the decorative cap that covers attaching handles.To do this, pick up a little of its edge with a sharp object, acting cautiously, so as not to scratch the surface.
Under the hood you'll find the screw that attaches the handle to the body of the device.Remove the screw thread and set it aside.Now the handle can be removed.If she gives in tight, slightly rotate it in the opposite direction to shake.Do the same with the second valve.Dismantling handle mixer completed.