for installation of the furnace for a bath need special stones.In the process of firing such stones are subjected to heating without overheating of the steam.
design of modern sauna stoves are diverse, but they can be conditionally divided into batch and continuous ovens.Methods for producing steam in these furnaces differ fundamentally.Periodic kilns is first heated stones to the extent possible, after which you can bathe without heating furnace on.Continuous same furnace allow steam only when the hot stones.
When installing sauna stoves need to take into account as a method of heating.Depending on the method of baths are divided into hot and cold.If the steam temperature which is provided by the walls of the oven may overheat, the
n cool this guy can be difficult since it requires cooling a hot oven (the wall temperature can reach a hundred degrees).
established oven cold principle, you can heat the room by the special channels through which steam is fed into the hot air from the furnace.The walls of the furnace in this process is not involved.
Today the great demand for wood stoves bath.Such furnaces require professional installation.When installing a wood stove is required to take into account consumption of firewood and strict fire safety measures.
Many prefer to install electric sauna stoves.Their installation allows you to save the environment, they are easier to use.So-called heater capable of working from normal mains.
If wood burning stove has a compartment with stones, and the furnace heats the air, which houses the wood, it is equipped with elektrokamenka a heating element with stones.
When installing wood stoves is important to comply with all safety standards.Particular attention should be paid to the chimney, a recovery condensate and harmful gases, including carbon monoxide.
Depending on the design of the bath, the number of rooms in it, and on your preferences, you can plan any oven or even an additional fireplace.As technology the furnace is distinguished by its specificity and can be quite difficult for the home handyman, this matter should be entrust to professionals.It may cost money, but will result in savings - you do not have to redo several times with his own hands made the creation, cursing all around.