you need
  • thin screwdriver,
  • Phillips screwdriver,
  • pliers,
  • wrench,
  • automotive lubricant WD-40, or kerosene, or vinegar,
  • soft cloth.
First of all, you need to "soak" screw connections, which are of tap water contained in salts and other substances like "take a strong liking" each other.It uses automotive lubricant WD-40, and if you buy it failed - kerosene or vinegar.Thoroughly moisten the threaded connection softening agent, wait for about 10 minutes - 15.
Now you can gently twist off of the mixer.Using a thin screwdriver;if they are metal - most likely they will need to unscrew the pliers.Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the handle valves, then remove the
handle themselves.After that comes the most difficult time - you get to the head parts.To remove them, it is usually difficult.They can "take a strong liking" stronger than all.If at first you remove the head parts did not work - they soak lubricity impregnated again and again hold for 10 minutes.Unscrew head parts wrench.If you can not take them off, leave until the last moment, when the whole mixer already be lifted.Very gently, so as not to damage the finish, remove the spanner spout mixer.Use a soft cloth to prevent direct contact with the key nut spout.
most common water leakage occurs in the junction of the nose and the body of the mixer.Check the condition of gaskets (gaskets) in this place.If necessary - replace the gasket.Just gently with a soft cloth, remove the mesh.Check the condition of the mesh - perhaps it needs to be replaced - as well as the condition of the rubber gasket.
Disconnect from the faucet body wash.Not an easy job, as the nut is usually "take a strong liking" to the bolt, and in addition, fastening itself is in a very awkward place.Then you may need an assistant who will keep mixer , while you unscrew it.Unscrew the nut body of the mixer on the key "11".Then, remove the metal plate and gasket attachment.Check their integrity.Gently pull the body of the mixer and remove water hoses if they are flexible.If you mount the mixer to the water hard, you again have to unscrew it in an awkward position.Unscrew the hoses key to "10".
After you have disassembled the mixer , you will be able to ascertain the cause of leaks or other malfunctions, replace old parts and reassemble the faucet .