Tip 1: How to make a brick oven

in any bath heating needs, and the best solution would be a small brick oven .It will be a long time to keep warm and provide heat to the stones 500-700⁰S.Put a brick oven you can own, but without the help of an experienced stove-maker you need to be very careful and strictly follow poryadovkoy.
you need
  • - red brick;
  • - clay solution;
  • - a plumb;
  • - level;
  • - steel wire;
  • - sheet steel;
  • - blower door;
  • - door for the steam;
  • - grate;
  • - water tank;
  • - firebox door;
  • - instruments.
Before you start laying the oven lay the foundation, followed by waterproofing.Begin to lay out the first row of bricks, each dipping into the water.As a solution, use only clay, without unnecessary additives.
folded first row, measure all edges poryadovkoy, all diagonals and angles.Diagonals must be equal angles - strictly 90⁰.Bricks must lie horizontally, not speaking to each other.Check out all the transmitter.
before laid on the second row of the solution, do training.Fold the
dry bricks first to just pick them for length, height, width.Start a row with an angle, placing the first brick so that it blocked the junction of adjacent bricks.As a result, all the joints of the first row should be closed.This dry packing to do before each row, and the best pre-fold All oven dry - it will allow you to avoid mistakes and drying the solution.
When you make sure that the series converges, lay the bricks in the solution.Quality seal is obtained if a small stack clay layers.Be sure the solution is well compacted.
Using a soft steel wire or strips of sheet steel door secure the blower in the third row.It is advisable to make a pre-groove in the bricks to put inside the anchoring strip or wire.Here lay well for stacking grate and ash niche drive in clay.
fifth and sixth row put in the same way, changing the position of the bricks in the corners.In the seventh row, set the furnace door and grate.
Continue laying up to 14 rows, it lay channels or corners.The front wall of the workpiece to make the water tank - it should cover laid over or sills.
In the nineteenth row do not forget to install the door, through which the steam will come out.Next, lay the strips of steel - they are necessary for the dressing of the following series of bricks.
Twenty-first series of box door will block the steam outlet, here set the jar of hot water.Later in the adjacent compartment you put stones pellets.
Fold the broken halves of the bricks so that they are as close as possible lay down next to the vessel wall.Place the pipe, and continue twenty-three series, using a wedge-hewn bricks.The next series of make shorter, and then lay the pipe required height.

Tip 2: How to build a furnace to give

For any rural or suburban home - oven the most important element of the room.It not only heats the housing, but also makes the comfort of home.Therefore, the installation of the furnace is given so much attention in the construction of the house.
How to build a furnace to give
In contrast to the country house, where used mostly brick Russian furnace in suburban buildings furnace can be very different: the traditional brick, stoves, metal stoves-burzhuyki.The choice depends on the size of the house, features and objectives of the wearer.Fireplaces are very decorative, and thanks to the open fire creates a perfect atmosphere of coziness.At the same time they cool down quickly enough and poorly heated rooms.A more practical metal furnaces and brick thick, are perfectly suited to the northern and middle latitudes.
No matter what type of furnace was chosen to build the oven for cottages professional should master, who will ensure the correct operation of the chimneys.For metal furnace will require the same base and the refractory brick lining for walls adjoining close to the stove.
most difficult and time-consuming construction of a brick oven.Its masonry is done at the stage of construction of the house.Before laying the first layer of bricks must be well thought out arrangement of the future of the furnace.It should be installed so that the furnace went out into the corridor, or the kitchen, and the side surfaces in the room.If it is absolutely impossible to make the furnace into the corridor, it is necessary to make sure that it was as close to the door.Just put undesirable oven in corner of the room, as the heat will not be distributed evenly.
Particular attention should be paid to the construction of the chimney pipe.If oven respectable size, the pipe can be installed directly on it.If small stove - pipe will need a separate foundation.
Upon completion of construction, oven should be thoroughly dried before starting to operate.It is necessary that the raw clay used in the pin solution could completely dry and harden.Otherwise, when the first furnace of clay oven may begin to crack.Drying is carried out in two possible ways.Or, naturally, if the weather permits.In this case, a new furnace with open doors and dampers just left a couple of weeks.If this is not possible, forced drying of need, that is, pre-heating furnace.It is easy to imagine that the more preferred is natural drying in which there are no cracks in the masonry or plaster.
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