you need
  • Jacks, logs, planks, steel rods, nails, bricks, concrete.
Pick a log of suitable diameter, a standard timber (150x150 mm cross section).Length of the rod should be at least 6,3-6, 4m.
Disassemble the floor and gently remove the septum.
Secure crowns the doorway with two pairs of boards (cross-section 50h150).The log of the lower crown and the two boards concatenate steel rod with nuts at the edges and the upper timber rim connect to thick boards with nails.
supportive platform for the jack collect scraps of boards.Two jacks lift the wall five or six centimeters, remove the adapter and lower house on temporary supports.Such manipulation is done at the other end of the house.Jacks place near the tem
porary supports, alternately lift each side, releasing from the lower timber and installing the boards.
Every corner of the house to back two jacks, raise two centimeters, the temporary support to put a lining, lower the jack and move to the next corner.Be careful!As soon as the frame rises to 5 cm, quickly insert the gasket in the gap between the sometimes beam.
To produce a new foundation at all angles homes make concrete pad (60x60 cm).At these sites, cast concrete footings at the height of the ribbon of the new foundation.On the poster to put in two corners of the plinth height of brick, which set the framework.
foundation for future tape pour gravel layer 10 cm thick, and pieces of brick use in the manufacture of cushions for bridges in the center of the foundation.To use the height of the column layouts gidrouroven.
After angular columns ready to lower frame brickwork and fabricate the tape foundations.Clear the space under the wall, insert the formwork.The other three walls are let on temporary supports.
Fabricate one side of the belt and go to another.After 2-3 days in the manufacture of the foundation can be put temporary supports.Do not forget to make a jumper.Before laying the cap lift a little house.In the basement leave niches for jacks, so you will definitely lower your home to a new base.
Quit laying bricks niche.