you need
  • - O-ring, which will be installed in the cistern;
  • - bolts, gaskets and washers needed dimensions;
  • - Screwdriver (wrench);
  • - a bucket of water;
  • - sealant;
  • - a flexible hose for connecting the tank to the water network.
Shut flow of cold water.Install a new toilet in place or remove the old tank , if you've only got it.After that, a new cistern mount shut-off drain system, elements of which must be attached directly to the bottom of the tank.
on the toilet seat, which will be installed flush tank , put a small O-ring.Set tank the O-ring and align the outlet to the inlet tank toilet.The mounting holes, insert the bolts and washer
s and spacers, tightly secure them in a tank with a screwdriver or a wrench.
After installation tank pour a bucket of water and check for leaks at the joints.If, however, there is a leak at the joints, the sealant and seal them after drying recheck for leaks.
Set in a tank inlet valve and a float in accordance with the recommendations in the instructions of the manufacturer.With the flexible hose, connect the intake valve of a tank with water network and establish a system of opening the shut-off valve of a tank.