you need
  • -paroizolyatsionny material
  • -heat material
  • -reyki
  • -dyubel
most often used external wall insulation.If you need high quality of work performed internal insulation is completely absent.
Exterior walls can be insulated using a variety of insulation materials.For foam blocks commonly used polystyrene foam or mineral wool.Both vehicle has excellent insulating properties.
When polystyrene foam insulation stick it to the wall with special glue and strengthen further with dowels.
extra insulated property gives the plaster applied to the fixed reinforced mesh.Plaster can be one ye
ar after the completion of construction.This deadline is needed to complete shrinkage of the building.Plastering without shrinkage may burst, and it will have to cover up or alter.
When mineral wool insulation is necessary obtyanut all exterior walls and secure it with strips nailed at regular intervals.
also warm the house of foam blocks possible, using a small density foam blocks which are produced for insulation works.Simply garnished the house and make the finish at your convenience.
necessary not only to insulate the walls of the house, but outside of the ceiling, foundation and basement.
obtyanite inside basement walls, foundation and floor steam insulating material.On a secure layer of insulating material, which will choose at its discretion.
The outer part of the ceiling can be insulated using a triple protective layer.First, lay a vapor barrier material on a thermal insulation and vapor barrier over all again.Such insulation is securely retains not only heat, but also prevents condensation.