The most popular is a hipped roof, its shape reminiscent of a tent.There is Shed, shestiskatnye combined, the roof of the dome or cupola.Whatever type of roof you choose - the type of supporting structures is the same.Proceed to the device of the roof even after you have finished floors and walls gazebo .
In winter, the roof will be subjected to a load in the form of snow deposits.For uniform distribution of its use in the construction of the roof rafters.
Select timber rafters, based on the weight of the components of the roof, the angle of the roof and other essential factors.To trim the wall, attach the truss frame.Complete construction of the roof bolt.This will make the frame more rigid and durable.
Rafters should stay on the support bars - Abut their free ends into the walls, so that does not require additional support.With the top beam tie them to the wall gazebo .Place mauerlat on top of the wall, it is attached to the beam by means of staples.Rafters, connect with one another puff.
Next tie a vertical bar with bongs with a clamp.The foundation beams lay a metal trim.Pull its bolts.As the use of additional fasteners staples.
If you use the sloping rafters, be sure to install the brace to make the design more rigidity.Make a brace of lumber and nails to fasten it tightening.Metal plates to attach the roof girder with bolts or screws.
often in the gazebo there is no ceiling, so all the elements and components of the building is easily visible.To interior gazebo port when not as rigid crossbars, use the wooden struts, which will look more attractive.
If your building large, it is advisable to close the roof clay roof tiles.In addition, it is very popular roofing material is polycarbonate, but it is not as resistant to winter precipitation.