you need
  • - Plunger:
  • - Tools for pipe cleaning "mole" or its equivalent;
  • - steel wire;
  • - baking soda:
  • - vinegar.
Try to get rid of the blockage using a plunger.This simple device, you must have in any household where there are pipes.Air eliminators come in several forms.Most Popular -vsem familiar leather and attached rubber or plastic "cup".There are also plungers without a stick.Outwardly, they look like a vessel with a corrugated wall.He acts almost the same as normal.Open end it is put on the drain hole and the role of the handle serves your hand.
a kind of plunger can be made with their own hands, if the house will suddenly present.Take milk
package.Cut off the top.Insert the cut edge of the hole that needs to be cleaned.Sharply tap the bottom of the package.If you did not work the first time, flatten the makeshift plunger and repeat the procedure.
More severe blockages can be cleaned with special chemicals.The range of sale is big enough.One of the most potent and at the same time the most expensive is good old "mole" in its various versions.Instructions for use on the label.It is quite traditional.The product you just need to pour into the drain hole and wait until the blockage will resolve.This means there is one drawback - it is quite tart, so it is necessary to work with rubber gloves.If the material gets on your skin, it should be washed off immediately.This rule must be followed when working with other similar means.
If nothing suitable is not at hand, do yourself means.Take the baking soda and vinegar.Neutral diluted vinegar 3-5% take in the ratio of 1: 1.If you have the essence, it will require quite a bit.Pour baking soda into the drain, then pour vinegar back.Stormy chemical reaction quickly deliver you from clogging.An advantage of the chemical purification method is that it enables to clean both metal and plastic tubes.
fairly efficient pipe cleaning tool - a metal wire.It allows you to get rid of blockages that are too far from the drain.However, when cleansing the plastic tubes they need to use extreme caution.If the knee under the sink can be easily disassembled, it is best to remove all the unnecessary details.The removed tube can be simply rinsed.Push wire into the hole on the greatest possible depth.Gently slide it from side to side.So you either will push that got stuck in a wider tube, or be able to get the object that caused the blockage.