you need
  • - new mixer;
  • - small otrez soft tissue;
  • - wrench (maybe two);
  • - WD 40 or a little diesel.
Shut off hot and cold water from the riser.Put on the bottom of the tub or sink a soft cloth to the metal parts of the mixer, accidentally fell down, damaging the enamel and do not fall into the drain.
To remove the mixer, it is not necessary to disassemble.Remove the nut that secures the unit to the pipe (which are small curved tube, which are attached to the water supply pipe).To loosen the nuts, use a wrench.
Remove the old pipes, as they are designed for the old mixers and are not suitable for the new.Nipples and unions is slightly different connection.From the outside the pipes is not always the case, to hold on.However, it can
be seen that the inner holes have a rectangular shape.At the cams on the surface there is a special verge of a wrench.
If you can not loosen the nuts, use the same time not one but two instruments.On one hand, take the pliers and the other you need to invest a hefty wrench.A better instead of pliers to take another key to be able to focus not on the compression of tools, namely, loosening the nuts, also handle adjustable wrench longer and you end up with a longer lever.Spin keys should simultaneously in the same direction.