Tip 1: How to Build a garage made of wood

Wooden garage - the combination is in itself unusual.But it can also make your own hands!In fact, the wooden garage and have many advantages - they are naturally fit into the environment in your country, it is relatively easy to build your own tree absorbs moisture, and therefore, your car will be protected from rust.Well, the last advantage - such garage looks cozy, nice and neat.
clear the site for the foundation of the future and garage.Dig 4 angled holes and 2 in the middle of the side walls, sprinkle each with 5 - 10 centimeters of gravel and sand, tamp and pour the solution.Pay special attention to the uniformity of the height of the foundation in all wells.To do this, use the thread level.
Set yourself garage .First of all, do frame house.On the foundation put the guide rail, which is best done from a strong tree species such as larch.The guide bar will also prevent the processes of decay and will serve as waterproofing.In order to increase the water resistance
timber, cover it with a solution of tar.When assembling the frame garage and a special attention to the ribs and to the places where they will be mounted gates.Soak frame garage and antiseptics (eg "Teksturolom").If you plan to garage only for the warmer months, then do the whole thing from a bar is not necessary.Just obsheyte made frame siding and the inside - finishing any material that you enjoy.If you do garage of timber - the antiseptic and soak it.In order to further improve the water resistance and garage, pour the concrete floor, and had put on top of wood flooring.
most simple variant of the roof - the roof of roofing material.Just garage Cover the top with this material, making small inclination to dripping and not late snow.In more complex cases you can do pitched roof and covered with slate or tile.If desired, a garage e can do the technical room, but note that in this case you will need to fill in a more complex structure and a solid foundation (solid) and pre-cook a viewing hole.However, the viewing hole may be separately done in a simple embodiment garage and : dig in the center of the prepared area, the walls are covered with clay, and pour concrete floor.

Tip 2: How to build a wooden garage

Garage - this room, which is used for storage, parking, refueling and repairs with respect to cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. Garage and are different: metal, brick, block, wood.The best course, wooden garage to the walls and floors were made of planks, well, in extreme cases, from logs.This garage is always dry, the car is a little corroded.
How to build a wooden garage
you need
  • To build a wooden garage, you will need:
  • - timber 5 x 15 cm;
  • - edged board thickness of 30 mm;
  • - Slate;
  • - screws of various sizes;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - construction bracket;
  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • - fine gravel;
  • - building level.
Dig a small pit depth of 15 cm, with dimensions of 360 cm by 610 cm. Sprinkle the bottom with sand thickness of 3 cm. The edges make the formwork to a height of 10 cm, then to the concrete playgroundIt was above ground level.Jot down in the pit for the reinforcement pipe unnecessary fittings, metal mesh.Now prepare concrete solution consisting of 1 part cement, 3 parts sand, 2 parts gravel.Fill them pit, carefully aligning it with the level.After drying Cover the entire surface of the roofing material.
Mark out on the resulting area of ​​350 cm by 600 cm. Now begin to build a framework of beams for garage walls, minimum height of 250 cm. In front, leave room for the gate width and a height of 250 cm. "Lantern"(frame) was collected by self-tapping screws, starting from the bottom, the lower timber thoroughly impregnated with an antiseptic.Immediately make a gable roof ridge height of 150 cm. Do not forget to ceiling joists.After assembly, soak all the boards of antiseptic and fire staff.Also strengthened all the angles inside, scoring braces building.
now nailed boards, starting from the bottom, carefully adjusting their together.Take back wall boards, making it an ordinary door.Then narrow side with a small window on one side.Nail down the front wall standing of segments of 50 cm. Make the ceiling, put the board on a large screws directly to the bottom beam.Proceed with the installation of the gate.It will also collect the woodwork from a bar, laying it flat.The most important thing is the gate jib from a bar, going from the corner at an angle from the bottom corner to the top.Arrived at the gates of the large loop of thick sheet steel, length not less than a meter.Hang the net.Cover the slate roof.Here's your garage ready.For greater reliability and safety, it is desirable to upholster a garage roof with galvanized iron, in extreme cases, a flat slate.Interior finish - it's up to your imagination, but do not forget about functionality.
Helpful Hint
Before the construction of the garage, measure your car to a garage to do this, it is free to open the car door.
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