you need
  • - stainless steel tubes;
  • - valves;
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - fittings;
  • - sleeve.
Get towel rail , which would be the most consistent building codes and state standards, as well as working and test pressure and other parameters of the aqueduct.The first thing you notice when choosing towel rail , - its dimensions (length and diameter of the landing landing).
important also to select the correct form of the device.There are the following four types of check valves: M, P and F-shaped, as well as "ladder."Selecting the shape of the device is due to the type of water supply: for examp
le, if water is pumped from the bottom, fit a towel rail «ladder."
Before you begin installing the product, be sure to turn off the water at the standpipe combustible.When installing this unit in an apartment building will have to contact the responsible for the water supply company - ZhEKom or other authority.
Before installing towel rail , arrange the bypass ("detour").Bypass is a tube through which hot water is moving, if the blocked access to a heated towel rail.Bypass liner made of stainless pipes.
himself "workaround" provided three valves (two of them should be in the joints of the bypass with a heated towel rail, and the third is designed to overlap the water directly in the bypass).
Installing towel warmer is the following steps: Attach the wall brackets, which fasten the towel rail , and then connect the device with the bypass valve.Pipes connect to a heated towel rail or bushings (navorachivaya with sleeves) or by using special fittings.