you need
  • - Slate;
  • - stiff brush or scraper;
  • - primer;
  • - paint;
  • - tray of paint;
  • - brush, roller or spray gun.
Before painting the surface must be prepared.Old slate should be cleaned of dust, dirt, residues of lime, moss and lichen with a stiff brush or scraper to process an antiseptic (such as gasoline), and then all rinse thoroughly with water.New slate should stand in the street for several months and then repeat the procedure described above.It is necessary to have not appeared on vysolovy material.
After cleaning the surface of th
e slate must be covered with 1-2 layers of primer.It should be composed of special substances that prevent the appearance of moss, mold, lichen.Priming slate before painting - a mandatory procedure, it can not be neglected.The primer is typically selected from the same manufacturer as the paint that will cover the surface.
Stain slate should be special weatherproof acrylic paints.They form a protective layer which protects the surface from damage, reduce the degree of water absorption that increases resistance to frost, reduces the amount of asbestos discharges into the environment.
acrylic paint on the surface of the slate can be applied in any way.Before use, carefully read the instructions for use, in order to prevent unnecessary costs repainted slate.The surface have to be dry.To do this, use a brush, roller or sprayer.Apply the paint evenly on the slate in two layers.The second layer of paint is applied only after the complete drying of the first.
Dye Slate should be at a relative humidity of 60% and a temperature of not lower than 15 degrees.