evaluate the possibility of the device basement and under your garage.This is largely dependent on its location.The main obstacle, which is able to bury your idea - a high level of groundwater.Made in a place a garage in the spring can be flooded.Also check whether the do not pass directly beneath the garage lines of communication;This is possible if the garage is located in the city.If these obstacles are not found, proceed to the construction of the basement well.
Dig a pit.The dimensions of the pit must exceed the dimensions of the future basement and two feet on each side.The extra space needed for the convenience of the concrete
and of the waterproofing.It is not recommended to extend the pit too - it would increase the amount of work and complexity of filling cavities.
bottom of the excavated pit strip the residues from the soil and tamp well.At the bottom pour a layer of gravel, crushed stone or coarse sand.The thickness of the layer should be about 10 cm. Tamp and pour a layer of soak hot bitumen.After hardening of bitumen Cover the bottom with waterproof material such as polyethylene film.
made on the basis of gender do basement well.It is best suited monolithic concrete thickness of 30 cm. The walls must be made of brick or concrete reinforced with steel rods.For basement waterproofing and use mint clay plaster layer of about 10 cm. The second option - sticker waterproof coating roofing.The space between the walls basement and walls of the pit and pour soil and tamp.
oshtukaturte inside walls with cement mortar and smooth steel trowel.The thickness of the plaster - about 1 cm. Overlapping basement and make of concrete slabs, one of which Hollow hole of at least 80x80 cm. You can instead, however, just leave between the plates corresponding hole by imposing brick.
Login basement equip directly from the garage or annex to it.Manhole door should be double that between the doors remained air gap.In the hot summer and severe frost arrange additional insulation foam or felt.The lid must be sealed to the smell of fuel from the garage did not penetrate into the room and basement.
Indoors basement and arrange wooden shelves for storage of domestic preparations.