you need
  • - manual toilet tank;
  • - screwdriver, pliers or knife.
Take the instructions and carefully read it.The lid of the tank can be removed in different ways, they are primarily dependent on the model of the toilet.Remove the cover.In the old toilet seat cover is removed simply by going up, but on the newer you will need to drown the shutter release button and turn the cover (or metal ring release button) to one side.In some cases, you may need ploskogubtsy.Esli tank not dismantled a few years (and it happens), the thread can stick.Then by dripping a little machine oil, wait a few minutes and try to loosen it again.
Pick up a screwdriver or a knife tank lid.On most models there
are special holes.Slide the cover to the side, so it would not hurt you, and you would not have the ability to randomly damage it (split).
Not every drain toilet tank has a shutter release button.Some of them set handles that need to pull over or lift up.Be careful parsing trigger design, do not lose any of its elements.Otherwise, replacement will find quite problematic.
Disassemble the drain mechanism according to the instructions attached to the model of your toilet.Collate will not difficult, but to collect back without any particular scheme the strength is not for everyone.Therefore, if you do not have the circuit, just remember the entire sequence analysis and location details.Usually tank dismantled because of his faults.The main two reasons: the water overflow over the edge of the reservoir, leakage of water in the toilet bowl.To do this you have to change the locking mechanism, as well as rubber gaskets and seals.