you need
  • - fireclay bricks, 37 pcs;
  • - red (heating) bricks, 60 pcs;
  • - firebox door;
  • - ash-pit door;
  • - odnokonforochnaya plate;
  • - grate;
  • - catch.
podyschu suitable place for the furnace.Due to ease of construction, it is possible to do without special foundations and put the oven on a strong boards, securely fastened to the joists (minimum thickness 50 mm).If there is a reliable hanging trumpet - build underneath.This model is not suitable hacking brick chimney, it can be displaced in the operation, so use ladders or pipe or hacking, but lightweight, made of thin iron.
Spread the selected location roofing sheet, thick plastic film, glassine, waterproofing or other insulating material, the size of which must be at least 780h530 mm.Top Sprinkle the sifted
dry sand and level it, the thickness of about 1 cm.
Lay the first row of bricks, "dry", without the use of clay.Align the number of horizontally using a level protruding bricks simply push into the sand.
Apply a thin layer of clay and set the ash-pit door.To avoid cracking, pre wrap it in several turns of asbestos fiber cord or wet asbestos cardboard.Clip design steel wire and form the second row.
place third row of firebrick, lay on top of the grate.The next series will be more subtle - put bricks on edge.Under the inside cover of the axle stands.The back wall of the lay out of "expelling" bricks without clay.
Wrap furnace door asbestos cord and set so that it opens upwards.Fix it burnt steel wire.
fifth series lay in the usual way, the sixth - again "on edge."The seventh series start with the bricks the size of ¾ of a standard.Rear panel in this case will consist of two bricks, standing "on edge."
In the eighth row, set sloping bricks to shift towards the flame burners.Ninth slide back a little, to support the door open.Put it wet asbestos cord, and only then a cooking stove.
On the tenth series configure the stack gradually expand it back.After you have laid the eleventh row, set the valve and seal it with asbestos cord.
After you finish upload stove , remove the "expelling" brick on the second row, clean the chimney.Blanch the lime kiln.
Driving styling