you need
  • - disconnect the power supply;
  • - water supply;
  • - sewers;
  • - handle chemical sealant to soften (it is sold in hardware stores under various trade names and from different manufacturers)
  • - remove the top, wall pan.
First disconnect shower stall on electricity, unplug, remove the voltage converter.Rewind the cord holders.
Close the control valves on the hot and cold water supply, remove the fill hoses.Sami cranes and tees, you can leave.They need when connecting a new shower stall.Even if you leave, you can connect the following booth tenants without undue work on the sidebar in the water system, the more that dismantled crane
s and tees are not suitable for the new frame, still have to buy new ones.
Disconnect booth on the sewerage system.If the installation was carried out on the double trap, the dismantling is only in the fact that the drain pipe pulled out of the siphon.If the installation is made on an adjustable tee loosen the thread or clips, depending on the model of the shower stall.
Next you need to dismantle all the shelves, musical instruments, if they are present, as well as the shower mixer.
Only after the preparatory work can disassemble itself booths.All the compounds that were covered with a waterproof sealant, grease remover sealant.Wait time specified on the package, and start at a fast pace to disassemble the booth.If for 10-15 minutes to remove all the details laid down sealant failed, the chemical composition of the need to apply again.
First you need to remove the top, then the sides in order of priority, which ended the assembly.That is, remove the last wall you put in the assembly.To do this, unscrew or unclip the fasteners and carefully remove the wall.Remove the door, remove the roller mechanisms.
The final step is the dismantling of the shower tray.The easiest way is to eat the tray on legs, it should be easy to remove and handle.If the pallet legs there, and he was attached to the screed, have a piece of hollowing all tie to make the pallet and make withdrawals.Under this option, part of the pallet are deteriorating.Fortunately pallets without feet uncommon.