you need
  • * the right amount of heat sinks with plugs;
  • * brackets;
  • * air vent (bleed screw) and mounting kit;
  • * pad;
  • * adapters;
  • * if necessary: ​​plastic or metal pipes;
  • * Ball Valves
Before buying radiators count how many tribes, you will need for each room.Calculation based on the lead knee 1 for every 2 square meters.That is, if the area of ​​the room is 12m2, it will take 6 to its knees heating.When the question arises about the metal of which will be your battery, keep in mind that in the houses put aluminum, and in the apartments - bimetallic.Cast-iron batteries are gradually receding into the past.
battery must defend from the wall at a distance of not less than 2.5 cm, or heat the battery is low.Also
, improper installation of batteries will be too close to the floor.Leave 8-10 cm so that air exchange is not disturbed, and under the radiator was easier to clean.If you usually place the battery under the windowsill, then do not put it too close to him.
So, mark the site of attachment bracket 1 and 2 below the top.On the wall brackets are attached with dowels or by drowning in the wall brackets with the subsequent incorporation of cement.Vertical mounting level check.If the battery will hang unevenly, it will not only ugly, but is not functional.In this case violated the heating engineer.
When the brackets are set, Hang them on the radiator so that the surface faces the lower reservoir of water fell on the metal bracket.
Now you need to connect the radiator with the pipes leading to the heating system are equipped with a valve or a thermostat.At the top of the radiator cap on the opposite side of the connection is required to insert the air vent.
Modern radiators look quite aesthetically pleasing and does not require painting.If you need to paint the battery is ripe, then in any case do not use the silverfish and other metallic colors, also do not try to paint the air vent hole.