Take the two screws that are included in the toilet.Unscrew the thumbscrews.Put first metal washers on the screws and rubber gaskets.
Degrease with solvent or gasoline seats in the tank.Apply sealant seats.The holes for the screws and apply a sealant.
Insert the mounting screws into the hole reservoir.Put on the toilet cistern.Sticking down the screws go into the toilet hole.Put the screws on the spacers and washers.Wing-nut screw tank.Strongly do not pinch.
Shut off the water.To connect the water pipe hose.To improve the seal, use the special sealing tape or hemp soaked in oil.
If the thread on the pipe is old, the grinder and cut it with a special tool cut a new thread.When threading pipe and oil the teeth of
the dice.If there is no special oils for tapping, use any.The thread is cut smooth movements - forward, backward.Be careful not to strip the threads.
Insert the latch mechanism of water in the tank opening.On the pipe mechanism is required to install the rubber or silicone gaskets, pre-treated with sealant.
Tighten the nut on the outside of the tank.Do not use a lot of effort.Tanks are made of ceramic and can burst from the effort.Screw the nut of the flexible hose to the pipe coming out of the tank.Previously, to seal the wrap special tape.
Insert the drain mechanism in the seat.Fixation of this mechanism takes place by rotation by 90 degrees.
Open the valve feeding water into the tank.Check whether the drain mechanism passes into the toilet.Are there any leaks in the threaded connections.If there is a leak, shut off the water and wind the additional sealing tape on threaded connections.
Proceed to adjust the working tank.At the reservoir there is a special mark - optimum filling level.By rotating the adjustment screw until you get filled with water at this level.