Currently ladders are made of different materials: glass, stone, metal, wood.For the construction of the stairs with his hands better, of course, choose the latter.The tree is easily handled, while lacquered provides an additional decorative effect.From wood species most widely used conifers, but the most beautiful products are obtained from oak boards, but they are the most expensive and difficult to process.
ladder should be not only beautiful, but also meet the safety requirements.It is desirable to incline the ladder does not exceed 45 degrees.Note that the angle must be the same everywhere.The best can be considered as the angle of the stairs 25-30 degrees.The ideal width of the future product of 90-100 centimeters.If floor spa
ce does not permit, the width can be reduced by up to 70 centimeters.The height of the staircase steps must also be the same.The best is considered the height of 15-17 centimeters.Maximum load on the ladder of 170-200 kg.
to secure the ladder using durable materials.If your future staircase will not be next to the supporting wall, the mount is set at the top and bottom.For safety on the steps you need to install the railing.The height of the railing is calculated individually, based on the growth of households, but the distance between the balusters should be at least 15 centimeters.
If a flight of stairs will be people, it is better to do a closed staircase.It is also important that the first rung of the ladder during the descent was well observable.If you make a ladder for the first time, start with a small and simple design.Of course, it is better if the ladder is projected onto the stage of erection of the house, then the problems with the installation of the stairs, as a rule, does not arise.