you need
  • battery heating coil.
timing to perform the replacement battery .It is undesirable for the period of the replacement battery is cold season.It is caused by the fact that you have to involve employees of public utilities to turn off heating .This, in turn, may lead to additional costs for the services of public utilities, and the re-launch of the system will take some time (have frostbitten two or three days after the replacement).
Taking into account these factors, we can conclude that the best period for the installation of new batteries heating will end the heating season.Also of note is the fact that you may need urgent replacement of the batteries, which have accide
ntally in the middle of the heating season.In this case, without the aid of public utilities will not do.Anyway, we proceed to the consideration of actions that need to be performed to replace the battery .
primarily to draw your attention at this moment.If the room battery mounted on the old pipes, it is better to replace your portion of the riser at the new products.If the pipe can still last for several years, you can go to replacing the batteries.
Using spanner, release the battery by mounting and then remove them.Now you need to clean the threads on the pipe with a special liquid (this liquid can be found in any department of household chemicals).Once the tubes will be prepared, proceed to the installation of new batteries.
Wrap the threads of the sealing coil in 4-6 layers.After you complete this step, you can go to the installation of new batteries.Upon completion of the work should be warned about the utilities held replacement.At the beginning of the next heating season, the utility will check the quality of installation battery before starting the heating system at full capacity.