When choosing a toilet seat pay attention to its rigidity.Prefer a more solid and durable cover.More comfortable seats are considered to be semi-rigid, but they are very short-lived, asoften bend and break.
Explore the outer surface of the toilet seat .It should be smooth and even, without chipping, blistering, sagging and cracking, delamination of the coating.
If you are very annoying sound of striking a seat toilet cover, look at the models equipped with a lifter specifically designed to cover toilet fell on his seat smoothly and gently.
There toilet seat with antimicrobial coating provides a protective
effect and allows you to keep the toilet lid spotlessly clean.
If you want to give your toilet incredible originality and uniqueness, pay attention to the electronic seats have antibacterial properties in addition to the function of heating and automatic closing.
very important when choosing a toilet seat not to be mistaken with its size.To do this, on cardboard, drawing paper or a piece of old wallpaper paint over circuit bowl with holes for mounting the seat.Also, just in case, take a picture of the toilet bowl and the upper part of his bowl from every angle.
With such a paper template you will easily choose seat , the most suitable for your toilet .Pay attention to what you liked the cover must completely cover the contour of the toilet bowl no less than half a centimeter.
Modern toilet seat can be of various shapes and colors.Some models are decorated with original paintings and interesting applications.