you need
  • silicate blocks 15, 150 pieces of furnace bricks, 6-8 buckets of clay, 1 sack of cement, medium grain sand, reinforcement bars, shovel, trowel, bucket, two 80-100-liter drums,box.
First you need to prepare the site for a barbecue.Choose a comfortable place, where there will be an oven, and there dig a trench under the foundation depth of 30 cm. Transcheyu pour gravel or crushed stone.Tamp it shed water well again tamp.Then put on top of the valve in the form of a lattice.Make shuttering height of 10 cm, fill it with concrete.
How to build your barbecue
After 2-3 days, when the concrete hardens, it is possible to build a barbecue.You can put gas silicate blocks fastened together by cement-sand solutio
n in a ratio of 1 to 3. The size of the woodpile calculated to fit simultaneously to 2-3 Polenz.Firebox barbecue, as well as the chimney, place of furnace bricks.2 Put the base in brick clay solution, harvested in advance.The edges of the bricks protruding base do that then all oblitsevat natural or artificial stone.The width and depth of the furnace - approximately 5-7 bricks on 3. It is better to use for the floor reinforcement to make it stronger.
How to build your barbecue
Now Construct the chimney of the furnace bricks.Lay them flat on top of each other on a clay solution.On the back wall of the chimney do a little bending to traction was better.This bending is called a tooth.When the chimney is ready, be sure to make it latch.
How to build your barbecue
Build a semicircular niche on the same level with barbecue.There will sink.Therefore, we can bring to the niche tap water.Instead, you can make a niche behind the barbecue small niches for buckets with water.It is very convenient, allow to wash their hands, not moving away from the stove.The sides of the barbecue make small countertop that they could supply the products or utensils.
How to build your barbecue