The first option is for stone houses.Thus, the construction of floor and stone country house with particular attention to two major operations.This is the expanded clay backfill and screed.
First built roughing floor .Then he laid roofing or asphalt.After that is filled with a thick layer of expanded clay, which is carefully compacted.Why concrete block?The fact that the gravels filling protects floor in a country house of the rising moisture, but also serves as a
good thermal insulation.Do not forget to lay on the concrete block floor ietilenovuyu film in two layers.If floor otna the entire floor not enough, you will need to glue the seams of the film.The walls of the room edges of the film podgibayutsya up - so floor studying a kind of "saucer" for the screed.Observing the prescribed periods of drying concrete, screed do on finishing floor .
Now let's talk about the second option.For this floor and need insulation.You must first create a rough floor .It spreads glassine layer is then placed on top of a wooden crate, which is laid between the insulation boards.Its role can be played mineral wool, but not foam.On the insulation layer is laid over the glassine paper and plywood (or boards OSB).Then you can start laying the finishing floor well.To this end, the top plank linoleum.It can be made from a laminate.