you need
  • -ruletka;
  • -Bath;
  • -profilnaya tape;
  • -nozhki bath;
  • -building solution;
  • -kirpichi;
  • -smesitel;
  • -gipsokarton;
  • -plitka;
  • -dvertsy;
  • -Paint silicone.
Use a tape measure or meter and make measurements.The bath should be placed so that the front of it was a free space of about one meter, and on each side - about twenty centimeters.Find out the size of the bathroom - it is always specified in the accompanying documents and the basis of this information.
Remove old bathtub.Then set foot on a new bath, they lower the bathtub (new).Take care that it is positioned completely smoothly, never skewed.
space between the bathtub and the wall (where the bathroom wall bordering the wall) should be closed special profile tape
.Plug the drain and let the water through it to make sure that the design is completely sealed.
Making sure that the bath is level, and the drain is working properly, glue the legs to the floor bath with a suitable mortar.Wait until it is completely dry (read instructions approximate drying time), and only then proceed to the subsequent work.
Install faucet.Then, if the tub is made of acrylic - should carry out further work on its consolidation, that is, for example, put a brick under it.this is done in such a way as to leave free access to the pipes.
external side of the bath is necessary oblitsevat.For this structure erected around the plasterboard or other similar material, which then is coated tiles.The location of the drain do drywall hole into which then Mount the door.
Apply sanitary silicone on the joints and walls of the bathroom.Color material is selected in accordance with the color of the tile.
Pour water into the bathroom, but not completely, to check the tightness of the structure.Remember that when you install the metal bath required an expert - an electrician.