First, you need to find out which parts of your home leaking heat.Inspect the walls, the corners of the house, door and window openings on the availability of which is blowing, or that often become wet or mist.If you find a hole, then plug them with oakum or foam.Very often, the crowns of which are composed of wooden houses over time to crack.Between them there are also slots, they also need to re-caulk.
Window frames should be replaced with plastic windows.When installing plastic windows opening completely isolated by the same foam.If you put plastic windows you can not, fix old ones.Sami glass set in the silicone sealant.
next step - is warming the house outside of the insulating material layer.Modern heat-insulating materials allow
a relatively thin layer of protection to create the house of the blowing and cooling.For example, a layer of glass wool desyatisantimetrovyh replace thermal insulation 160 cm brickwork.But whatever the properties of materials important to put them.
choice of material for thermal insulation of the facade depends on how much you are willing to spend and how it will be installed.For example, polystyrene is good to all: and his thermal conductivity less than that of glass or mineral wool, it can be used in high load areas: basements, floors, foundations.However, the apparent lack of foam is its flammability or releasing hazardous to human ethylene.The advantage of mineral materials - a chemical resistance, fire protection, sound insulation and hygroscopic capacity.
If you choose warmer, it's time to talk about the design of insulation.First the frame consisting of uprights, set every 60 cm of a house wall or the width of a heater.Rack bar made of 50 * 50 mm.The bars are fixed to the wall with screws or nails.Then attached to the frame with plastic insulation anchors, so-called "fungus."For each square meter of insulation - 4-6 "fungus."
over the layer of insulation is installed windproof film (superdiffuzionnaya membrane), which further protects the house from blowing and rain penetration.The feature film is that the inside walls of the moisture seeps, but out of it, on the contrary perfectly displayed.On a layer of insulation film is placed overlapping.
house warming can be considered complete.For home decorating, you need to make an ordinary plaster works using wire mesh and apply a topcoat, or install vinyl siding.