you need
  • - spatula;
  • - Building a hairdryer;
  • - remover or thinner;
  • - a brush with natural bristles;
  • - plywood or thick cardboard.
chemical paint removal surface floor involves the use of a variety of washes and solvents.Close the door and the wall surface in the immediate vicinity of the floor .You can use thick cardboard or plywood.
Carefully read the instructions for use of the chosen means.Make sure that it is suitable for the removal of this type of paint not aggressive to the material of the flooring.
Gently apply the solvent to a small area floor using a brush or spatula.Leave it for the time recomm
ended by the manufacturer.Remove the old paint using scraper or spatula.
heat removal paint before floor Gaeta special equipment - Melt.This method is commonly used for wood floors.Including building dryer and direct a jet of hot air on the surface.Keep the dryer at a distance of 35-50 cm from the floor .Warm up small areas.Do not hold the dryer in one spot for a long time - the surface of the wooden floor can char.Wait until the ink warms up and begins to bubble.Remove loose paint with a metal spatula.
Note that to use the building dryer in the immediate vicinity of the glass, wallpaper and wiring must be with great caution.To prevent fire, it is recommended to block inflammable objects sheets of plywood.In operation, the nozzle dryer may become very warm.Zashpaklyuyte treated surface floor .Thoroughly dry and primed.
No matter what method of removing the old paint you choose, while the necessary safety precautions.Do not use tools with plastic parts.Wear protective goggles, gloves and a respirator.Keep your face to the treated surface.Periodically ventilate the premises.