The easiest way to ensure that water - it is connected to the public water supply, if any.But in this case, will need various permits and approvals from various government bodies.It is much easier to dig a well or have a well, thereby obtaining independent water supply.After a well or wells are complete, you must perform a whole series of works to the water finally came to the house.In any case, you will need a pump or pumping station, pipe, fittings and various couplings, tees and seals.If the water is expected to pump out of the well, it is best to use a pumping station.It is recommended to choose a station of the fourth generation (very low noise).
In accordance with the well depth and height of the
expected rise of water, you can select a suitable station.To install it, you need to dig a well near priyam, a depth of about 1.5 meters, and chart a path intended aqueduct .For water supply, it is desirable to use polypropylene tubes which do not burst from the cold winter.The widest range of pipes of different diameters is shown in the building materials market.The pipe must be laid on the street in the trench, the depth of which is not less than a meter to prevent water from freezing in the winter.
If the pipework in the premises must use special tees and couplings, with which connected pipe sections and perform various outlets.These sleeves are arranged so that when the nut is tightened there is a strong connection precluding leakage of water and air leaks into the system.As the shut-off valves can be used conventional cranes, which are used in city apartments.If cottage not expected to year-round accommodation, a pumping station for the winter period it is recommended to disassemble and place in a warm place.