you need
  • - rubble;
  • - gravel;
  • - sand;
  • - cement;
  • - brick;
  • - drain pipe;
  • - heat-insulating material;
  • - vapor barrier material.
of Banja brick , has good fire properties.Unfortunately, this stuff is not as warm as wood, and low-quality exterior and interior finishing on the walls will accumulate condensation, leading to the destruction of brick , especially silicate, so be sure to set the clutch for a more solid foundation.If you do not, can develop serious cracks up to fracture.Before you start building bath of brick their hands , Provide good ventilation of the main room and a basement.
foundation for a brick structure overfill belt type with ventilation holes in the foundation and at the top of the basement masonry.Install formwork, it cut ventilation holes and insert wooden boxes, that they can not fill.Bottom pour sand and gravel, and tamp thoroughly put reinforcing cage.Pour immediately lay the foundation and ground floor of the two or three rows of red brick .
In the top row of the cap, leave the holes for additional ventilation basement.Drain pipe laid under the foundation and bring it at least 5 meters.
Build bath of brick their hands , without contacting the masonry, it is simply impossible.For the planned construction of a way to select the sump.In the process of masonry put a space between the layers, and filled his heat-saving material such as ash.This will further warm bath .
installing the ceiling and the roof, an opening for the chimney, if you are not going to display it at the top of the wall, which is done often enough.
most important and final phase of construction of the bath brick - is its insulation and insulating the walls and ceiling of the moisture and condensation.
Obtyanite building outside the thick insulation material and finish make you planned.
inside walls and ceilings inside and outside the process the moisture steam insulating material.After that, make a finish, preferably wood.