you need
  • - The drain hose,
  • - clamping yoke,
  • - special connector hose.
standard length of the drain hose washing machines approximately 1.5-2 meters, but do not fit the size of each.Replace the hose with a longer does not work, because they do not produce.But here there is a simple solution to the problem - the drain hose washing machine can just simply lengthen.Buy an extension cord is in store for this model.It does not need to change it, but it is enough to connect to the existing hose.
Buy store in a special connector that will help make a sturdy connec
tion between two of the drain hose.If that is not found, you will need to cut a strong plastic tube with thin walls.The outer diameter of the pipe should be approximately 20 millimeters.In this case, you need to tie clamps.
Connect bought and native special hose connecting tube, which can be bought in the sanitary or hardware store.The tube must fit snugly into the ends at both sides of the hose.Place the hose connections shall be at the center of the connecting pipe.This place is clearly marked for the particular model of the washing machine .
If the tip of the native drain hose made of plastic instead of rubber, get a scrap of suitable size tube inside.Then put it on top of the rubber tip.This design fix one avtohomutom.
The drain hose shall not be less than three and a half meters, in which case you will need transfer of a washing machine at a close distance to the sink.If the length of the drain from three to three and a half meters, will have to increase drain using the composition pipe, which, if desired, you can drown in the floor or sew up the wall.From a half to two meters - Boost using corrugated hose .