you need
  • -cement
  • -rechnoy sand
  • -scheben
  • -gravy
  • -tes
  • -shlakobloki
  • -brus for floors and counters
  • -heat material
  • -paroizolyatsionny
  • material covering of the roof
Make markup foundation.Dig a pit and set the formwork above the soil at 50-60 cm.It sprinkle sand - gravel cushion of at least 50 centimeters.Tamp thoroughly.Mount the reinforcement cage.Pour the foundation.Pouring should be at the rate of 1 bucket of cement grade 400, 3 bucket of river sand, shallow 3 buckets of gravel.
Cap red brick can spread immediately after pouring the foundation and the walls set at 4 weeks.The walls are best done from the hollow cinder blocks , they are the warmest.The solution is sure to add to the walls of a plasticizer.This contributes to long-term use have made the solution, and it is thinner and stronger.
Immediately after you have installed the wall obtyanite their heat-and only then begin to build the roof.The roof you can do on your project, but you must cover it as soon as possible to prevent moisture from entering the walls.That is a feature building home of cinder blocks in the fact that the roofing should be done in season walling.
After the erection of walls and roofs between the ceiling and the roof lay a thick layer of parogidroizolyatsii.As already stated above, the moisture on cinder blocks should not get nowhere.
If desired, you can insulate the inside surface of the wall, but with a good external insulation, there is no need.