Flush toilet with special detergents with disinfectant to prevent the occurrence of rusty traces of water and heavy dirt.Such agents have a thicker consistency, which makes them stay for a while on the walls of the toilet bowl.
vinegar solution in the heated water and treat it with a solution of yellow rust.Soda suitable for the elimination of small contaminants.For a more thorough cleaning, use cleaning products, which include hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid or sulfamic acid.
Pour dry toilet surface a small amount of hydrochloric acid.Wipe this area with a brush or sponge.After 15 minutes, drain the water in the toilet bowl.When processing is required to use rubber gloves and safety glasses.Hydrochloric acid is
well removes rust and mineral deposits, firmly ingrained in the surface of the toilet bowl, but not suitable for regular cleaning.If the toilet is in a state of neglect, it will be necessary to use more powerful chemical.
Try to clean the toilet using a damp piece of pumice.Rub her plaque to its complete removal.This method assumes that a fair share of patience.Do not use a pumice stone to process the enamel, plastic or plastic surfaces.